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When you need a total benefit administration solution, Reaves Insurance Consultants is the answer. From open enrollment and ongoing benefit administration to COBRA compliance and FSA administration, Reaves Insurance Consultants is ready to provide you with a complete package of services that can relieve your HR and benefits professionals of many profit-draining, time-consuming duties.


Through the use of proven administrative processes developed over time and user-friendly Web self-service technology, Reaves Insurance Consultants can help you:


§  Serve growing employee populations without increasing staff;

§  Provide your employees with an attractive benefits package featuring tremendous choice and superior service;

§  Reduce the cost of transaction processing;

§  Improve the cycle time of key processes; and

§  Improve information flow to and from managers and employees.

Of course, our services can be customized for your company. You select the level of services that is optimum for your needs, goals and budget.


Employee Benefit Administration
COBRA/HIPAA Compliance

FSA/HRA Administration