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Our Approach

At Reaves Insurance Consultants our approach begins and ends with service.  We care about our clients and their employees, and we show it by listening to their needs and providing them with the personalized attention they deserve.  It’s the reason our clients continually reward us with such tremendous customer loyalty.


-Scott Reaves


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In order to ensure personalized, professional and responsive service, we are exceptionally dedicated to each of our clients. Reaves Insurance Consultants will get to know your employees, your benefits plans and your corporate culture so we will be able to provide customized benefit solutions that make sense for your company. Your team will also be your direct resource for rapid responses to any questions or requests.


Client Relationship Management

Reaves Insurance Consultants oversees your account and is the primary entity responsible for your satisfaction & service.

  • Provides regular communication through frequent face-to-face meetings and detailed reporting
  • Consults with you to uncover critical needs and to propose solutions
  • Manages timelines for project completion
  • Resolves complex issues pertaining to benefits administration
  • Handles administration of COBRA, reimbursement accounts and flexible benefit plans
  • Provides technical expertise regarding benefits administration issues/questions.

Customer Service Management:

When one of your employees needs assistance, they are encouraged to speak with Reaves Insurance Consultants via phone or email at Reaves Insurance Consultants will answer the employee's questions and provide effective, immediate support that facilitates the benefits process and sets the employee at ease.