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Reaves Insurance Consultants is one of the most experienced and trusted benefits brokerage firms in the State of Texas. With years of experience in the market, we bring you day-to-day reliability as an established leader. Reaves Insurance Consultants with its distinct service capabilities, services an extensive array of clients in the Houston Metropolitan area and throughout Texas. We are doing business with an expansive diversity of carriers, which provides our firm with a unique relationship with these carriers. Reaves Insurance Consultants is seen as a “partner” not just a producer for them. We have in-depth knowledge of the procedures and staff of these companies, which translates into a superior ability to serve our clients as their broker.

Reaves Insurance Consultants
keeps clients informed of legislative changes and other benefit-related developments through mass mailings, blast email, and personal contact. We are proud to be considered on the cutting edge of our business. Our industry involvement provides us access to the shared knowledge of the nation's premier independent benefits firms, including best practices, industry trends, research data, regulatory guidance, and customized technology designed specifically to support HR and benefits managers. In addition, through the collective buying power and resources of functioning, along with general agents, Reaves Insurance Consultants obtains the best rates from carriers and enhance client services. Through our industry involvement and partnerships, we are able to assist clients in Labor Laws which keep you abreast of the changing legal landscape – such as the current hot topic, HIPAA privacy compliance.